Kat is a​ Forest Therapy guide certified by the international Association of Nature and Forest Therapy​, mentor of guides and co-chair of the European Council of the ANFT. With her company Way Back Home, she is very actively guiding Forest Therapy walks and workshops in the Netherlands and other European countries, and preparing to soon combine the practice of Forest Therapy with Mind-Body Connection Coaching​ specialized in the Psychology of Eating and Body Image. Kat's passion and element is to help people slow down, calm down and create an enjoyable and inspiring atmosphere that promotes connect​ing to nature, ​one's own center through the intelligence of the heart, and others. In her guiding, she combines the practice of ​Forest Therapy with ​creativity of all kinds​, honoring the freedom and free will of all. For updates about and pictures from her Forest Therapy walks, follow Way Back Home on Instagram or Facebook.

"Kat is a great forest therapist ;-) Really enjoyed it. Very nice and attentive guidance!"

"Go. Not going is a mistake. Both Kat and the environment are calming and inspiring."  

"Kat is a seeker in the true sense. She transmits a radiance and energy that transcends her work. It was an honour to have her as a forest sherpa."

What was one highlight of this walk for you? "Kat, the guide. I can walk through nature. Kat assured it was a fuller experience."


"The energy we cultivated and carried back to the city with us was precious for me and I feel for the people around me. We need more people like you doing things like you are doing, helping keep the vibration high."

"Thank you for the amazing day. We enjoyed our first Shinrin Yoku experience. You really managed to pull us out of our head into the forest. Some brief moments i was the forest. I can't image a better way of starting this journey. This is something most of us would love to bring in to our lives."  

The story behind Way Back Home

Hello, my name is Kat. I’m based in the Netherlands, with some deep roots in the Czech woods. I'm so pleased to meet you! Since you are reading this, it means we already have some kind of connection, we probably share some of the same interests or insights. Let me just briefly tell the story of what brought me to the idea of Way Back Home. A story of what made me take action and make my vision a real mission…

After 16 years of teaching language classes to adult international students, I saw it clearly: As a population, we are facing an urban stress pandemic with quite disastrous consequences for our mental and physical health, our well-being, as well as relationships. Every week, when I asked my students, how they were doing, I heard answers like: exhausted, stressed, so tired, no energy, no time, busy, burned-out or even quite literally they are/this is killing me. I sometimes used to feel like a therapist and kept tissues in my classroom, because it occasionally happened that students would cry when they, tired after a long day run, got a chance to reflect and speak about their life circumstances. 

I knew the consequences of this self-destructive rat race lifestyle already from my own experience. Once after a period of perfectionism, frustrating never-ending to-do-lists and deadlines, chronical stress, spending my life indoors and mostly sitting in front of my computer, limiting my sleep, relaxation and social life to a necessary minimum to still meet my deadlines, I got chronical inflammations of both eyes which lasted almost two years and abruptly made me stop doing nearly everything I was used to doing. My eyes hurt so much I couldn't even read my e-mails...! :) This condition was a clear warning signal my body sent to me, telling me to stop this madness. At that time, I barely spent time in nature, considering it to be too time-consuming for my current situation. Obsessed with being as efficient and productive as possible, and compensating my lack of self-care and daily joy with considerable amounts of coffee and chocolate, I got a very profound lesson from my own body: 

We were not made for this way of life.

In my case, this insight came literally through (almost losing) my sight, I saw it right in front of me, with my inflamed eyes. To other people, the message tends to come in other forms, such as burn-out, chronic fatigue syndrom, depression, anxiety, autoimmune diseases, chronic back pain, muscle tension, migraines, irritability, digestive problems, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, fertility problems and all kinds of addictions. All this can be prevented, improved and often even cured if we learn how to effective lower our stress levels and how to easily maintain our mental and physical well-being, and learn to use these techniques consciously and consequently.

I started a Life Coach training focusing on dealing with stress, burn-out and addiction recovery. But from my own experience, I knew we needed to get up from that chair, counselling alone didn't feel active enough for what I wanted to achieve with people. I decided to actively offer and spread the word about what had helped me, and millions of other people, to recover from chronic stress and its consequences: getting back to the roots, finding the way back to my heart and to my inner child. How? Through some of the simplest techniques which all have ancient roots and just perfectly make sense. You simply FEEL they make sense and work, and you know it for sure just using your common sense and trying them once. And they will make you happy and awaken your playful inner child, which will make you healthier – physically and mentally, with perhaps some great health improvements and maybe even a profound spiritual experience and anti-aging effects on your appearance as a little bonus.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about getting back to nature, back to all of our senses, switching off our screens and our thinking and pondering minds for a while. Getting naturally mindful. Enjoying the relaxing and health and immune function boosting effects of slow time spent among trees and other natural beings. Connecting with them, letting them lead you to exactly the insights and solutions you need at this moment (because yes, they will do this for you, if you let them), and experiencing the exceptional feeling of oneness with all beings which will put your own problems and worries into perspective.

It has become my true mission to incorporate some of these techniques into our modern lives, to spread the word and help and guide you towards them, so that more and more people can find their Way Back Home… with a peaceful and calm mind, vital and healthy body and a longer life-expectancy (epigenetics). This is a way to recharge after stressful events, recover from burn-outs, addictions and chronic diseases. A way to re-connect to ourselves, our hearts, other human beings, our true values and the more-than-human world which we forgot we were part of.

That’s why I went to a training at the international Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs to become a Certified Forest Therapy Guide and after completing my training and gaining experience as a guide, started my trainer's path to become a trainer and mentor for new forest therapy guides. That is why I've been guiding with people in forests, watching them re-connect in real time, that's why I became a co-chair of the ANFT European Council to help spread the word about forest therapy in European countries, support other guides and help make forest therapy part of (preventative) health care systems in our European countries. Let's re-connect. We need that. The world needs that. Because we are the world.

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. - Dalai Lama