Nature Creates: Shinrin-yoku and T-shirt making workshop

The Shinrin-yoku and T-shirt making Workshop is a thoroughly chosen package of some of the most nourishing things for our hearts, souls, bodies and peace of mind:  

  • Simply Being in beautiful nature, 
  • Engaging in activities that help us forget about time, our schedules, daily tasks and routines (or: being in the flow),
  • Spending meaningful time with people of similar interests who enjoy being in nature and creating freely,
  • Getting still, playful and peaceful and
  • Making something hand-made and keeping it, giving it to a loved one or donating it and supporting Trees for All, an organization planting new trees.

The 5-hour workshop consists of two parts: A guided Shinrin-yoku forest walk and a T-shirt making workshop:

Shinrin-yoku is an originally Japanese practice of mindful time spent in healing natural environments, especially forests. The practice is now spreading all over the world, as people are increasingly recognizing the healing benefits of re-connecting with nature, with themselves and with others and taking a break from technology and the fast pace of our modern lives. The walk will be guided by a guide certified by the international Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, who will introduce you to the Art of Forest Bathing in the ANFT Way and while walking in the beautiful forest of Landgoed Huis te Maarn, she will invite you to do a few activities which are empirically proven to help you slow down, come out of your head and make embodied contact with your own body, the present moment a place through your senses. Shinrin-yoku walks have a great effect on our moods, relaxation and sense of well-being that have been compared to the well-known 3-day-effect while hiking in nature, but we’ll experience it after just 2 – 3 hours. The walks also improve our immune system functioning and physical health markers, sharpen our focus and boost our creativity. We’ll end the walk with a tea ceremony with tea made of local plants, and delicious vegetarian snacks and/or lunch.

After the Shinrin-yoku walk and inspired by nature, we’ll walk back to our base, where we’ll find our workshop materials for T-shirt making. We’ll paint on T-shirts, using high quality fabric paint and markers, natural materials like real leaves and pine cones as stencils, and a big collection of nature inspired stencils and wooden stamps created and gathered for our use. You don’t have to consider yourself being an artist or 'talented' in any way to join and create something unique, authentic and inspired by nature and the moment. No previous experience with (fabric) painting needed! Inspiration from nature, the stencils, stamps and my guiding will help you on the way. The unique T-shirts that we create, inspired by nature and in a state of open sensory connectedness will be yours, it will be machine washable and you can either take them home and proudly wear your T-shirt, give it as a present to someone you love, or donate it by selling it via Katreative Etsy webshop where 100% of every sold piece goes to Trees of All for planting of new trees in the Netherlands and Bolivia/Uganda. See here to view some examples of designs we can make using our creativity and art supplies.

When: Sunday 06-10-2019 at 10:00 – 15:00, Friday 15-11-2019 at 14:00 – 19:00, Sunday 08-12-2019 at 10:00 – 15:00 
Where: Landgoed Huis te Maarn, Buurtsteeg 7, Maarn
Meeting point: Buurtsteeg 7, Maarn
Directions: By public transport: take a train to train station Maarn. From the train, take the stairs leading you to street level and turn left and the immediately right. Follow this street, stilll straight ahead, passing a kindergarden and sport centre on your right, until you come to Buurtsteeg 7, the house and meeting point will be on your right hand side. Parking your bike or car is possible there as well.

Needed: comfortable shoes and clothes that may possibly get dirty, rain jacket (depending on the weather), water bottle, possibly: own T-shirts and clothing to paint on. After your registration,you'll be asked to kindly provide your color and size preference for the T-shirt you'll be painting on during the workshop.
Participants: Max. amount of participants: 15
Language: Dutch or English, depending on group’s preference
Price: The price is EUR 115,- p.p. and is including:

  • A guided Forest Therapy walk of 2,5 hours
  • Forest tea made of local plants & healthy vegetarian snacks/lunch,
  • Creative T-shirt making Workshop,
  • All supplies needed (high quality fabric paint, markers, stencils, wooden stamps, texture makers, brushes...)
  • 1 T-shirt of your choice to paint on.
The price is excl. other clothing you might want to bring with you or purchase on spot in case you’d like to paint more.

Interested? Please use the calendar to choose one of the dates this workshop is taking place (use the arrow on the right side of the calendar to move to the next month) and register for the workshop. You can use the contact form below if you have any questions.

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Participants' Feedback:

"Dear Kat, thank you for guiding us not only deep into a forest, but also deep into our souls."

"Thank you for the amazing day. We enjoyed our first Shinrin Yoku experience. You really managed to pull us out of our head into the forest. Some brief moments i was the forest. I can't image a better way of starting this journey. This is something most of us would love to bring in to our lives."  

About the guide & workshop facilitator


Kat is an ANFT certified Forest Therapy guide and artist. She’s guiding Shinrin-yoku walks and facilitating Forest Bathing team events and retreats in the Netherlands and other European countries, in training to become a mentor and trainer for new Forest Therapy guides and working as a Co-chair of the ANFT European Council. Kat is also textile artist with her project Katreative donating 100% of her profits to Trees for All for planting of new trees. Read & see more & connect:

In art as in love, instinct is enough. -Anatole France