Feedback: Shinrin-yoku deelnemers in Nederland

"If you're realizing that you're too far from home (your inner nature) and are considering Forest Therapy, don't look any further. Kat is an unusually beautiful soul who is deeply connected to nature and has a wisdom beyond her years. She lives what she offers. I had one conversation with her and had surprising insights." - K.G. Johnston, author of The Way of Effortless Leadership


“Ik werd een stuk kalmer, had minder spanning in mijn lichaam en merk dat mijn waarneming rijker en zintuigen scherper zijn geworden. Ik heb gemerkt dat mijn gedachten nu minder onrustig zijn. Het is een prachtig geschenk om je tempo echt te kunnen vertragen en verbinding te maken met de natuur. We werden heel vriendelijk en duidelijk door de activiteiten begeleid, wat enorm heeft geholpen."

"Mijn man en ik hebben er allebei van genoten om op deze manier verbinding met de natuur te ervaren. We zijn tot belangrijke inzichten gekomen in het bos en dat heeft mijn dankbaarheid en liefde voor de natuur alleen maar verdiept. Ik genoot echt van de manier waarop je ons hebt begeleid en urenlang onze aandacht hebt weten te behouden!"  

"Bostherapie is een ontspannen manier om je met de natuur en met je (diepere) zelf te verbinden. Het is een noodzaak voor iedereen...zeker in deze tijden."

"Ik vond het ontwapenend en herkenbaar wat er voor jou voorop staat, de beleving en het contact met de natuur. Hoe mooi is het dat mensen weer hun verbinding maken met de natuur en open staan voor de heling en de rust die de natuur hun biedt."

“M’n ademhaling was gezakt. Ik heb heerlijk op blote voeten gelopen, daardoor was ik meer gegrond en was in het hier en nu. De stilte, de rust die je op een gegeven moment krijgt... De natuur verwacht niets van je. Forest therapy is een echte aanrader, heerlijk om je onder te dompelen in de natuur en onder de begeleiding van Kat met haar zachte energie voelt het like home.”

“Een hoogtepunt van deze wandeling was dat ik helemaal tot rust kwam en daarmee het afgelopen jaar terug heb kunnen herbeleven en dan vooral de trieste gebeurtenissen, ik vond het wel moeilijk maar het heeft geholpen in de verwerking.

"Zeker doen, sta open voor nieuwe belevenissen en laat je verrassen door de natuur.”

"Afgelopen weekend ging ik met team Honeyguide de bossen op de Utrechtse Heuvelrug verkennen. We volgden een Shinrin Yoku workshop van Kat. Een heerlijke workshop waarbij ik helemaal ontspannen thuis kwam. Dankjewel Kat!"

“Een Japans bosbad is een mooie natuurlijke ervaring en doet je verwonderen en tot rust brengen."

“Ik werd behoorlijk kalmer, had minder spanning in mijn lichaam en merk dat mijn waarneming rijker en zintuigen scherper zijn geworden. Ik heb gemerkt dat mijn gedachten nu minder onrustig zijn. Het is een prachtig geschenk om je tempo echt te kunnen vertragen en verbinding te maken met de natuur. We werden heel vriendelijk en duidelijk door de activiteiten begeleid, wat enorm heeft geholpen."

"Kat is een geweldige bos therapie gids! Ik genoot er enorm van. Een hele leuke begeleiding met veel aandacht!"

Wat was een hoogtepunt van deze wandeling voor je? "Kat, de gids. Ik kan zelf ook door de natuur wandelen. Kat heeft ervoor gezorgd dat de ervaring veel rijker is geworden."

"Doen. Zowel Kat als de natuurlijke omgeving zijn heel ontspannend en inspirerend."

"Kat is een seeker in de ware zin van het woord. Ze straalt energie uit die haar werk overstijgt. Het was een eer om haar te hebben als een bos sherpa."

“Forest therapy is een echte aanrader, heerlijk om je onder te dompelen in de natuur en onder de begeleiding van Kat met haar zachte energie voelt het like home.”

Wat was een hoogtepunt van deze wandeling voor je? “Alles!!!! Vond onze gids Kat top! Rustig, vriendelijk, duidelijke uitleg van alles. Het een worden/voelen met de natuur. Het bos anders gaan bekijken, gaan voelen!"

"I arrived stressed and preoccupied. I left smiling and singing." 

"I felt considerably more peaceful, less physically tense, and I noticed a sharpening and richening of my perceptions. I have noticed that I am thinking less agitatedly. It is a wonderful gift to be able to slow down and connect to nature."  

"Thank you so much for that special experience in the forest. Those few hours spent all together communing with the trees and dirt have stayed with me even until today. Yesterday I went for a run in the park and couldn’t resist taking off my shoes twice coming upon delicious forest paths. The energy we cultivated and carried back to the city with us was precious for me and I feel for the people around me. We need more people like you doing things like you are doing, helping keep the vibration high." 

"I’m still in the forest, sinking deeply into the moss and feeling deeply grateful in a state of bliss. Thank you for sharing this connection. Your loving invitation to experience magical deepening with forest and nature. Our sharing in beauty. Guiding me to deep rest, being guarded by a dragonfly. I felt touched in every sense. Thank you so much for this timeless meeting." 

"This guided tour through the woods brought me back into my heart and senses and reminded me of who I am. Afterwards I felt energized, joyful, refreshed and connected. I am very grateful for this experience and can recommend it to anyone who wants to lift his/her spirit."

"I felt really re-energized after the walk, I still can feel the benefits after more than one week, my morale is boosted and as well I am eager to go as soon as I can in the more-than-human-world again."  

"The beauty of nature - the relationship built up during the walk with the other participants - the possibility to empty your mind and live the moment, a great feeling of peace invaded my soul."

"It was one amazing experience, an explosion of senses."  

"You feel free and enjoy the walk completely with all your senses, you feel part of nature and of a special family."  

"It was wonderful to dedicate time to being in the moment and taking in the beautiful natural surroundings.  I definitely felt calmer, and fresher somehow, like I had absorbed more oxygen and energy from the woods (I hope I managed to give something back too, and not just take from the woods!) To focus on the details of the trees, bark, outline of branches against the sky - there's so much beauty and so many patterns out there, that we don't normally notice. Oh, and stopping to feel how the air felt on my face, that was really special."   

"A wonderful and peaceful way to be in and properly feel the beauty and freshness of nature."   

"Very special experience, definitely a good way to step out of your busy life for a couple of hours."   

"Spent a quality time where we got to take a break with everyday life, connect with nature and reconnect with myself. Very restful and inspirational day."   

"We feel closer to stillness compared to before the session. Before the forest bath, we were not even aware that we were not still / calm. Brought back some very calm energy."  

"The love from everyone was very visible."  

"Closing our eyes and focusing on different senses was a great experience. Mindfully appreciating the sense we have, which we don’t notice as much most of the time. The session helped us stabilize and recharge ourselves." 

"My girlfriend and I had a really wonderful time on the walk. We both agreed that we were feeling really relaxed and focused for the rest of the day."  

"After the walk I felt very calm and clear minded."  

"I feel very calm and confident. It really makes you realize how alive the forest really is."

"I have never interacted with a forest in that way before."  

It is a genuinely enjoyable and powerful experience and I would not be the same person without this connection to nature.  

"I  am  more  willing  to  spend  time mindfully  walking  in nature  now,  having  realized  the  potential  for  relaxation  and  rejuvenation  that  it  presents."  

"How  much  easier  the  forest  makes  it  for  you  to  become  present! "  

"Forest Bathing with three soulful women was magical. As I walked, I was reminded of the phrase “You can only protect what you love.” I shared about the picture book The General which is about an egotistical, power-hungry leader who falls off his horse onto a field of flowers, undergoes a transformation and then starts to lead in a more peaceful and enlightened way. In addition to the other kinds of advocacy work to get decision-makers to better protect nature, we also need to bring them to Nature to fall in love with her."   

"My husband surprised me by cycling to meet me on the way home from my walk yesterday. He remarked that I was really shining! The forest and the company did me good for sure."  

"I felt a deeper level of relaxation than I would usually feel. I was definitely very relaxed after the walk. Being given 'permission' to wander slowly and really look at things... I tend to walk slowly anyway, but when you're on a trip with others there is always that slight pressure of constant forward motion. Even if you regularly walk in the countryside, walking in this way brings a deeper level of connection and relaxation. "  

"Thank you for guiding us not only deeply into the forest, but also deep into our souls."  

"I loved touching and feeling the different textures in the forest and I really liked the sharing in the circle. I loved the 'connection' of it all."  

"Come with an open mind and get ready to experience something truly beautiful. It will change how you look at things and it will make you realize that nature is actually all around us, so all we have to do is 'stop' and 'listen'. I recommend the experience whole-heartedly!!!"  

"Thank you for the amazing day. We enjoyed our first Shinrin Yoku experience. You really managed to pull us out of our head into the forest. Some brief moments i WAS the forest. I can't imagine a better way of starting this journey. This is something most of us would love to bring into our lives." 

"My husband and I both did have a great time connecting with nature, receiving so much insight from the forest. It deepened my love and gratitude for nature. I really enjoyed the way you guided us and kept us all very engaged for a few hours long!"  

"I came to connect with nature and possibly meet nice people. Both happened in abundance." 

"I felt very refreshed and energized after the walk. Much calmer and happier than before." 

"Allowing myself to wonder and connecting with nature gives me more confidence. I already knew that I feel good in nature. The walk with you has enriched this beneficial effect. Seeing even more colors and feeling the moods in a forest. Tuning more into the energy of our friends the trees, the emotions that I felt from looking at the beautiful fallen beech leaves. Seeing the abundance and feeling grateful that it is just out there. Looking with new eyes like a child. It was a beautiful, in-depth experience. " 

"I realized there is more to life than increasing its speed." 

Geluk is niet iets wat kant-en-klaar is. Het ontstaat vanuit je eigen daden. - Dalai Lama