Body Wisdom / Life Coaching 

As a certified Mind Body / Eating Psychology Coach trained in the fields of Life Coaching, Holistic Nutrition and Eating Psychology, it will be my pleasure to guide you on the way to more connection with the wisdom of your own body. In doing so, we'll discover together in a very natural way the causes of your symptoms or unwanted behaviors, such as for example: 

  • (chronic) fatigue, 
  • mood swings and ever changing energy levels, 
  • chronic stress and inability to slow down, 
  • anxiety and ruminating thoughts,
  • digestive problems, 
  • poor immune health and frequent colds,
  • overeating, binge eating and emotional eating,
  • unwanted eating or lifestyle habits that are difficult to change,
  • lack of 'strong will' or 'discipline',
  • lack of purpose in life, feeling 'stuck',
  • challenges associated with high sensitivity (hsp), 
  • burnout (-like) symptoms, 
  • inability to lose weight despite of healthy lifestyle, 
  • chronic dieting and obsessive thoughts about food and weight loss, 
  • body image issues, challenging relationship with one's own body 

... and so much more since you are a unique human being and so is your path in this life time! 

We'll set up together on a brave discovery journey through your body, heart and soul, and we'll shed light on what is calling for your attention through your symptoms or unwanted behaviors or emotions. Oftentimes, the root of our symptoms, difficult or inexplicable emotions lies much deeper than just in the physical body itself: the roots tend to be found in our relationships, work situation, 'toxic' beliefs, our living environment or the way we eat, move or think about ourselves. Sometimes, however, symptoms can also be resolved very easily through simple and quick adjustments in our diet, (eating) habits or the pace of our life. If we take good care of the roots of your tree with the attention they're desperately calling for, the entire tree will often automatically become radiant and healthy again, and long-term complaints disappear quickly. 

Interested? Read more about the options and / or use the form below to schedule an intake. Together we can see if we have a good click and how we let the beautiful being that you are shine and smile again!

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Coaching Packages and Rates

All coaching packages are a combination of coaching sessions and live stream EcoNIDRA™ sessions - my own method of transformative deep relaxation based on yoga nidra and nature connection. Read more about EcoNIDRA™ here. The coaching sessions can be online or in the forest (Utrechtse Heuvelrug, NL).

Intake session of 90 min. - EUR 75,-

  • Hummingbird package: 3x coaching session (75 min) + 1x EcoNIDRA™ (6o min) - EUR 230,-
  • Kingfisher package: 5x coaching session (75 min) + 2x EcoNIDRA™ (6o min) - EUR 380,-
  • Eagle package: 8x coaching session (75 min) + 3x EcoNIDRA™ (6o min) - EUR 600,-
The 75-minute coaching sessions begin with a 15-minute embodiment practice, and a 60-minute coaching conversation. EcoNIDRA™ sessions are being enjoyed together with a small group (witch camera off for your comfort and privacy), lying on your back in the comfort of your home and last 50-60 minutes.

Photo credits: Saanenwald