EMBODIMENT - Essential Oil Blend

The Embodiment blend has been developed to address one of the issues of our modern times: the disconnection from our bodies and from nature. It is a carefully mixed 100% natural blend of essential oils that, from the very heart of nature, assists us in remembering how to deeply respect our bodies, the nature that we are. It has a powerful way to help us let go of deeply-rooted beliefs about the ideal body image, shape or weight that we have accepted from our cultures, media and people who shaped our past. It assists us in letting go of old behavioral or eating habits, freeing our body and soul, so that we don’t waste our life energy on irrelevant struggles like perfectionist obsessing about food, dieting and judging ourselves. We can use this freed energy to create, and become our full potential in this lifetime, without self-judgment and self-imposed limitations (Grapefruit). It encourages a healthy relationship with one’s body based on love, tolerance and self-acceptance (Bergamot) and has the potential to create energetic flow, so that we feel empowered to let go of worries and of control, an simply enjoy the thrill that comes from being alive. It invites us to step out of the way and allow life to flow freely, showing us how to have perfect trust in the flow of life (Cypress). This essential oil blend is full of love for nature and our bodies and souls that need to heal - together. I put a lot of personal care in developing and testing it, as I feel deeply that we need this healing.

Ingredients: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Cypress and a secret ingredient ツ

How to use: Inhale from bottle, diffuse, or place drops in hand, rug and inhale on any time of the day, carry with you throughout your day for moments of pause and reconnecting with your body through your sense of smell. Notice how it feels on your skin, if the smell brings you pleasure, if it can silence your mind, re-energize you, or make you smile. Be with your sensations for just a moment at a time. Over time, observe what has changed.

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Grapefruit - The Oil of Honoring the Body

Grapefruit teaches true respect and appreciation for one’s physical body. It supports individuals who struggle to honor their body and are caught in patterns of mistreatment. These forms of abuse may include severe dieting, judging one’s body weight or type, and abusing the body through negligent behavior or violence. These acts are often motivated by hate and disgust buried with the psyche, which gets directed towards the physical body. Though individuals may obsess about how they look, deep down they never feel they look good enough. There is a dissatisfaction that persists.

Grapefruit oil is often misused in overly strict dietary and weight-loss programs. The reason this oil helps curb emotional eating is because it encourages a positive relationship with one’s body based on love, tolerance and acceptance. Grapefruit encourages integrity by respecting one’s physical needs. This oil assists individuals in listening to their true physical needs and impulses. It also assists them in taking responsibility for what they feel. Grapefruit teaches that no amount of food can fill a hole in the heart - only love can do that. As individuals take ownership of their feelings and get the help they need in addressing them, they no longer have a need to hide their feelings behind food, body abuse, strict regimens, eating issues, or other forms of obsession.

Bergamot - The Oil of Self-Acceptance

Bergamot relieves feelings of despair, self-judgement, and low self-esteem. It supports individuals in need of self-acceptance and self-love. Bergamot invites individuals to see life with more optimism. Bergamot has a cleansing effect on stagnant feelings and limiting belief systems. Because of core beliefs of being bad, unlovable, and not good enough, they seek to hide behind a facade of cheerfulness. They may fear relieving their true thoughts and feelings. Bergamot’s powerful cleansing properties generate movement in the energy system, which in turn brings hope. In this way, Bergamot is wonderful for those who feel down and hopeless. It awakens the soul to hope and offers courage to share the inner self. Reigniting optimism and confidence in the self, it imparts true self-acceptance. Bergamot teaches individuals to let go of self-judgment by learning to love themselves unconditionally.

Cypress - The Oil of Motion & Flow

This powerful oil creates energetic flow and emotional catharsis. Stagnant energies are brought into motion through the fluid energy of this oil. Cypress works in the heart and mind, creating flexibility. Cypress teaches the soul how to let go of the past by moving with the flow of life. This oil is especially indicated for individuals who are mentally or emotionally stuck, stiff, rigid, tense, over-striving, or have perfectionist tendencies. This hard driving stems from fear and the need of control. The individual tries to force things in life rather than allowing them to unfold naturally. Cypress encourages individuals to cast aside their worries and let go of control so they can enjoy the thrill that comes from being alive. It reminds individuals that damnation is simply the discontinuation of growth and development, and invites them to step out of the way and allow life to flow freely or without compulsion. Cypress shows how to have perfect trust in the flow of life.

Size: 1 ml (Try out), 5 ml or 15 ml; only a few drops needed to enjoy 

Made with deep respect for nature, and for you.